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Tired of shots and beer all the time? Need a new drink?

Spice up your night with these party favorites!

Gin ‘n’ Tonic

2 oz. Gin  — 5 oz. Tonic Water — lime wedge on the side


1.5 oz Vodka — 6 oz Orange Juice

Bloody Mary

1 oz Vodka — 3 oz tomato juice — 2- drops of Tabasco sauce — 1 dash of Worcestershire sauce —

.5 oz lemon juice — pinch of salt and pepper


1 oz Vodka — .5 oz Triple Sec — .5 oz lime juice — .5 oz cranberry juice — lime wedge on the side


1.5 oz Rum  — juice from half a lime — 1 tsp. Powder Sugar

Rum and Coke

2 oz Rum — 4 oz Coke


2 oz Gin  — .5 oz Dry Vermouth  —1 Olive

Pina Colada

3 oz light rum — 3 tbsp coconut cream — 3 tbsp crushed pineapples

Note* These recipes are just guidelines. Use your creative side and get to work!

*Caution: Please don’t drink and drive. It’s a hazard to yourself and others, and if you get a DUI you’re looking at a $2000 fine, lawyer fees, possibly going to jail or losing your license, and a lot of wasted time.